Brady Pesola: Strategic Stoicism

November 1, 2022

On today’s episode Brady Pesola explores how practical stoicism applies to facing Adversity and using it to understand our emotions. Listen in as Brady and discuss how practical stoicism is woven naturally into military life, the importance of focusing on what you can control, and how prioritizing emotions can help you face micro adversities in everyday life. We also dig into finding motivation, and experiencing emotions over acting upon them.

Brady Pesola of the Gray Man Project is a US Marine veteran with years of experience in teaching various tactical disciplines from firearms, to self-defense, to survival. He has worked as a firearm instructor teaching everyday civilians, law enforcement, military, and special operation personnel in basic firearm fundamentals, all the way up to special applications for direct action.

Brady serves as an executive protection agent and security consultant who has looked after politicians, scientists, celebrities, and high net worth businessmen. He operated a survival school teaching specialized lifesaving wilderness, urban and emotional survival skills to private clients and public groups.

Brady founded Triple B Adventure, a nonprofit focusing on improving veterans’ mental health through outdoor adventures and backpacking, camping, hunting, and fishing. Brady has built a stoic philosophy-based coaching and personal development program, and currently studies and specializes in the use of stoic philosophy to enhance cognitive function of everyday citizens and personnel in various military branches, law enforcement agencies, tactical industries to enhance their lives and the decisions that they make within them.

You can learn more about Brady’s work and the topical applications of historic philosophy by following him on Instagram @graymanproject.

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Brady Pesola: Strategic Stoicism
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