Brady Pesola: On using Stoic Virtues to combat AI

March 13, 2024

Brady Pesola shares his thoughts on integrating Stoicism into modern life, particularly as a tool against the emotional manipulation and challenges posed by artificial intelligence and social media algorithms. Drawing from his experience in tactical disciplines and Stoicism, the conversation showcases how Stoic principles of logic, reason, and personal responsibility can enhance resilience against external influences and encourage a more mindful, rational approach to technology.

Episode Highlights:

02:46 The Power of Stoicism in Today’s AI-Driven World

09:37 Stoicism vs. Emotional Manipulation: A Modern Battle

21:34 Exploring the Depths of Stoic Justice and AI Bias

33:18 Stoicism as a Design for Living in a Technological Era

39:30 The Practicality of Stoicism Over Academic Jargon

42:16 Stoicism and the Challenge of Artificial Intelligence

50:20 Social Media, Stoicism, and the Quest for Authenticity

01:03:59 The Essence of Stoicism: Wisdom Over Knowledge

Brady Pesola, a San Diego-based veteran leader, offers straightforward mentorship and coaching, shaping the local veteran community. With Triple B Adventures, a thriving nonprofit he founded, he aids veterans’ personal and professional growth. Experienced in tactical training and executive protection, Brady emphasizes Stoic philosophy for mental resilience and decision-making. Connect on Instagram or at

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Brady Pesola: On using Stoic Virtues to combat AI
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