Rebecca Rouse: Semper Stronger

June 29, 2022

On today’s episode Rebecca Rouse shares how her experience as a military spouse, business owner, and weightlifter inspired her to coach others to overcome fear and build the mental and physical strength needed to overcome Adversity. Listen in as Rebecca and I explore the challenges of being a military spouse, how to continue pushing forward through micro adversities, the problem with six-week challenges in the fitness industry, and how to have a bias for taking action and overcoming fear.

Rebecca Rouse is a strength coach, competitive weightlifter business owner, and military spouse. Coach Rebecca has spent her entire career coaching and leading other coaches in the fitness industry in both corporate and entrepreneurial realms through her business, Semper Stronger. She empowers others to build mental and physical strength so that they can overcome life’s challenges with confidence.

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Rebecca Rouse: Semper Stronger
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Marcus Aurelius Anderson

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