Zach Pogrob: How to BehaviorHack Your Life

September 14, 2022

On today’s episode Zach Pogrob is revealing the keys to assessing and replicating the behaviors that will produce the best results. Listen in as Zach and I discuss how he focused on writing and creating in a way that has cultivated a community of over 100k on Instagram, what it means to operate in a flow state, and his best advice for navigating the seasons of behaviors to optimize results. Zach also shares why he’s embracing obsession vs. passion and finds freedom in discipline.

Zac Pogrob is the Founder of BehaviorHack on Instagram. He is an entrepreneur, writer, and owner of Photo Booth. As a former D1 college player, he had multiple injuries that forced him to take a brutally honest look at himself and his life. He put in the work in the gym to rebuild his body while simultaneously programming and rebuilding his mind from personal development, podcasts, and audiobooks. This was how BehaviorHack came into existence. His use of social media is unique and real, articulating an undeniable truth and creating content in a way that makes the most impact on his audience.

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Zach Pogrob: How to BehaviorHack Your Life
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