Tetiana Gaidar: Tactical Talent and Adversity in Hollywood

November 8, 2022

On today’s episode Tetiana Gaidar reveals the winding road of rejection, grit, and personal motivation that became the force behind her career as an actress, dancer, and tactical trainer in Hollywood. Listen in as Tetiana and I discuss sustaining a busy schedule with many different roles, how she discovered her passion for acting, and why she has dedicated her time to teaching others the art of tactical training. Tetiana also shares how she stays rooted in action and how you can move past being a victim of adversity and into a place of gratitude.

Tetiana Gaidar is an American on-screen actress, dancer, and model with a background in professional dancing and martial arts. Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Tetiana grew up speaking three languages including Ukrainian, Russian and English. Training for Kung Fu competitions and practicing dance rehearsals led her to a career in the entertainment industry.

By the age of 19, Tetiana became one of the most popular dancers and choreographers in Eastern Europe, working with prominent artists such as Max Barskih and Eurovision Song Contest 2004 winner, Ruslana. Tetiana has directed choreography for TV shows on major networks Inter and STB, including the international franchise ‘So You Think You Can Dance’. In 2013, she moved to Los Angeles to pursue an international acting career. Tetiana is often compared to Penelope Cruz, both in appearance and acting style, and enjoys shooting action movies, where she’s able to fully express herself.

A popular YouTube channel and social media profile on Instagram enabled Tetiana to be discovered by a Hollywood Acting Career Manager. She soon received credits in various projects such as “Baywatch”, TV Series “Brunkala”, numerous short films and popular collaborations. Tetiana has also won the title of Miss Bikini at the Beauty Pageant ‘Miss Russian LA 2017’, where she was credited for her “extraordinary plastic and powerful performance”.

You can connect with Tetiana on Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/tetianagaidar

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Tetiana Gaidar: Tactical Talent and Adversity in Hollywood
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