Lauren Johnson: Turning Adversity into Purpose and Peak Performance Part 2

September 1, 2021

Lauren Johnson returns to discuss how to train your mind to be worthy of the goals you’re looking to accomplish. During our conversation Lauren and I explore redefining what success looks like, understanding how our brains process goals, the tools pro athletes use to stay consistent over time, and the right questions you should be asking when facing Adversity.

Lauren is an athlete-turned-mental conditioning coach, who is highly motivating, and relatable with a passion for developing the minds of the elite. Lauren trains professional athletes, military personnel and business professionals through national speaking engagements, educational training workshops and consulting.

For the past four years Lauren served as the Mental Conditioning Coordinator for the New York Yankees, where she was responsible for aiding in the development of athletes and staff through education, application, and support.

From the playing field to the boardroom, Lauren helps elite performers develop mental toughness so they can be their best regardless of circumstance. Her practical, straight-forward advice and performance strategies provide tangible results and skills that help individuals push through the inevitable challenges life throws at us.

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Lauren Johnson: Turning Adversity into Purpose and Peak Performance Part 2
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