Jeff Kirschner: Turning Adversity into Purpose

August 10, 2022

Today serial entrepreneur Jeff Kirschner joins me to discuss the key ingredients to creating a sustainable business with purpose. Listen in as Jeff and I explore why the world needs to hear stories of embracing Adversity, why we avoid challenges – subconsciously or intentionally, and how to work through the discomfort of uncertainty. Jeff also shares leadership insights to empowering your team in order to avoid a performance bottleneck and the importance of pragmatic empathy as a leader.

Jeff Kirschner is the Founder & CEO of Litterati, a global community working to create a litter-free planet. Litterati is taking a data-driven approach to understanding one of humanity’s most complex and challenging problems.

Litterati has been featured by Rolling Stone, CNN, National Geographic, USA Today, Time Magazine, Huffington Post, Upworthy, the San Francisco Chronicle, and many more.

Jeff is a serial entrepreneur with a love of storytelling. He is a keynote speaker for Fortune 500 corporations like Google, Facebook, eBay, Keep America Beautiful and more.

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Jeff Kirschner: Turning Adversity into Purpose
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