Rhett Power on Coaching Leaders, Self-Awareness, and the Power of Accountability

November 1, 2023

This week on Acta Non Verba Rhett Power discusses the importance of accountability, discipline, and self-reflection for personal and professional growth. Join us as Rhett shares his personal experiences and insights from his interactions with renowned leadership expert, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith. We also delve into the challenges faced by coaches and leaders, emphasizing the need for authenticity and alignment of actions with values. Listen in as Rhett shares a deeply personal story about his son’s health struggles, demonstrating resilience in the face of adversity.

As CEO and Founder of Accountability Inc., best-selling author, and the #1 Thought Leader on Entrepreneurship ranked by Thinkers360, Rhett Power stands at the forefront of executive leadership development. As a six-time founder, he offers an unrivaled perspective, helping today’s leaders and founders tackle challenges and overcome fears while fine-tuning focus and fostering high-performance cultures.

His impact on the world’s biggest brands, like The United States Department of State, United Airlines, JA Austin, FIFA Vodafone, Allstate, and Novant Health, underlines his credibility and efficacy as a coach. Engaging with Rhett isn’t just an investment in professional growth; it’s a significant step towards unprecedented leadership excellence.

Read more on rhettpower.com or reach out directly to discuss executive coaching or team coaching.

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Rhett Power on Coaching Leaders, Self-Awareness, and the Power of Accountability
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