Drew Estell: Process and Progress of a Warrior

October 19, 2022

On today’s episode, Drew Estell shares how he helps build confidence and resilience through coaching and firearms education. Listen in as Drew and I explore the impact of teaching technique vs. concepts, the influence of the military on Drew’s communication style, and how he uses pragmatic empathy to build up his students and help them face ADVERSITY. Drew also shares how implementing techniques consistently builds automated reactions that remove the emotion from the process of learning and create stronger reflexes for challenging situations.

Drew Estell served in Army Special Forces in various roles, deploying multiple times across the globe. After retiring from the military, he founded BAER Solutions LLC, providing high-level firearms training to a wide variety of enthusiasts and professionals, including military, police, competitive shooters, and hobbyists across the country.

It has been his great privilege to learn from and trade experience with the finest in the world. This work would not be nearly as thorough or complete without their input, including those who must remain nameless to protect their continued efforts in various arenas.

Connect with Drew online at baersolutionsllc.com.

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Drew Estell: Process and Progress of a Warrior
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