DJ Dolan: The Conscious Operator on War and Peace for the Warrior

November 22, 2022

“What are you willing to do now? What are you willing to do consistently, tomorrow?” On today’s episode DJ Dolan shares how his experience in the military and law enforcement created a foundation for helping others balance strength and peace in daily life. Listen in as DJ and I discuss why multitasking is glorified inefficiency, the importance of being able to fall back on habits and training, and why leaders end up creating unnecessary friction. DJ also reveals how to invest in your team and utilize leadership capital.

DJ Dolan is a servant leader, a former state and federal violent fugitive detective & special operations team member, turned social impact entrepreneur, coach, and consultant.

After six years in the military & 16 years of serving in law enforcement, DJ transitioned his passion for public service & expertise in psychology, leadership, and human behavior from solving high-stakes life or death problems to now focusing on building systems-level solutions to contribute to creating lasting positive change.

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DJ Dolan: The Conscious Operator on War and Peace for the Warrior
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