Kasey Pierce: Using Stoicism to Overcome Codependency, Weight Loss and Growing Self Awareness

April 5, 2023

In this episode, author Kasey Pierce shares her personal story of how stoicism helped her deal with her mother’s declining health, create a new outlook on resiliency, and reframe her self-awareness. Through her experience, she learned valuable coping skills and began contemplating mortality in a new way. Listen in as Kasey and I also debunk the misconception that stoics lack humor and compassion. She explains how Stoics view resilience and the importance of choosing not to suffer, even in difficult situations.

We also discuss the importance of creating emotional awareness and using Stoicism to avoid victimization. Kasey shares her insights on honing the ability to detach from situations and focusing on controlling the controllable, rather than being overwhelmed by a situation.

Kasey also shares her experience of embracing micro-Adversities and overcoming weight loss overwhelm. She emphasizes the importance of finding people who are consistent and emulating their behavior.

Kasey Pierce is a writer/editor and Stoic columnist from Metro Detroit. She began her career in indie horror and sci-fi, working with publishers like Source Point Press. Shortly after beginning to blog about Stoic philosophy, she was called back to her comic roots and received the opportunity to freelance content edit for Donald Robertson for his graphic novel, “Verissimus: The Stoic Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius”. Her most current work is editing for CBT practitioner and Stoicism author Tim Lebon for “365 Ways to Be More Stoic” (John Murray Press/Hachette), in which she wrote some original content. Her forthcoming work is coauthoring a book with CBT practitioners and Stoicism authors, Scott Waltman and R. Trent Codd, “How to Think Like Socrates” (New Harbinger).

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Kasey Pierce: Using Stoicism to Overcome Codependency, Weight Loss and Growing Self Awareness
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