April Parks: The Grappling Warrior Part 1

January 26, 2022

Proving yourself against limitations, whether set by yourself or by someone else, begins with discipline. This week April Parks shares how she establishes boundaries and control over any situation by leaning on discipline and scientific strategy. Listen in as April and I discuss how April taught herself to respect her body and her mindset while cutting weight and competing professionally, how to prioritize the best performing version of yourself over a goal, and why hustling is not a badge of honor. We also explore how to know when you’re giving too much time and energy, and how to break the cycle of Adversity.

April Parks is a lifelong athlete and advocate. She’s a multiple time World Jujitsu champion, mother of four, business owner, and has worked in urban education for over 20 years.

Growing up in poverty and experiencing various degrees of trauma in her childhood has helped her mold the woman that we see today. From an early age, April understood that in order to live a fulfilling life, one of success and meaning, that she must pursue and meet ADVERSITY head on.

You can learn more about April on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brazilianjjgirl/?hl=en

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April Parks: The Grappling Warrior Part 1
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