William Branum: The Naked Warrior Part 1

January 12, 2022

On today’s episode William Branum shares how his journey as a retired Navy SEAL led him to embracing adversity and teaching others to do this same. Join me in this conversation about the internal dialogue of giving up, what your mind really goes through during Hell Week, and how to focus on small victories using the NAKED mindset. William and I also explore why humans avoid hardship, the problem with not pushing through, and how to stay adaptable in new situations.

William Branum is a retired Navy SEAL with 26 years in service, he was deployed 10 times. As a former US Navy SEAL, he is the founder of Naked Warrior NW Recovery.

At an early age, William knew that he wanted to be part of a team that would push him well beyond whatever self-perceived limits he had. Upon graduating from SEAL training he was stationed in Virginia Beach then in San Diego, and finally in Hawaii where he served multiple SEAL teams, taught SEAL sniper school and deployed around the globe.

His last years in service were in HQ where he built teams to solve operational deficiencies by creating partnerships with industries, academia, and strategic funding organizations. He also has a Master’s in strategic leadership, making him the very definition of a warrior scholar.

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William Branum: The Naked Warrior Part 1
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