Victor Henry: Living the Warrior Philosophy Part 1

March 9, 2022

When the lights come up and the energy is focused on you, have you done what it takes to succeed? This week Victor Henry shares the mindset preparation that comes with facing challenges and stepping into high stakes opportunities. Listen in as Victor and I discuss creating a routine of mental and physical preparation, the origins of MMA and how culture influences the way we treat others in and out of the ring, and why focusing on the fight in the moment is critical for success.

Victor “La Mangosta” Henry is an American professional mixed martial artist in the UFC bantamweight division. Called the “biggest underdog on the card” by Joe Rogan, Henry has 27 professional fights under his belt from locations around the globe and continues to build his reputation as a talented fighter in the UFC.

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Victor Henry: Living the Warrior Philosophy Part 1
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Marcus Aurelius Anderson

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