Tom Amenta: The Twenty Year War

August 18, 2021

Tom Amenta shares his passion empowering veterans to pursue entrepreneurship and how entrepreneurial skill leans into making decisions authentically. Listen in as Tom and I explore why ideas mean different things to different people, the danger of thinking in black and white, and how you chart your own morals and follow your own path in an authentic way.

Tom Amenta was born in Chicago, Illinois, and grew up in the area before enlisting against his family’s wishes in the United States Army on his 18th birthday. He is a passionate advocate for veteran entrepreneurship and assisting veterans in transition. And that led him to author his first book.

The 20 Year War is a look into the journey of America’s service members biting end, and then leaving behind a war that spanned over two decades.

You can learn more about Tom and his book here:

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Tom Amenta: The Twenty Year War
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