Scott McGee: Strength is a Choice Part 1

September 18, 2020

When faced with Adversity, you always have a choice. In this episode I’m speaking with Scott McGee about how serving as a law enforcement officer has provided him an opportunity to learn empathy and to be aware of how he is perceived by those who need help. We’re exploring how that responsibility impacts the job, as well as the physical and mental health of those who serve.

Scott McGee is a mindful warrior on a path of service and gratitude. He is the founder and podcast host of The Sisu Way. He is also a 15-year police officer and SWAT team member in Southern California. Scott believes that health is wealth, there is vulnerability in strength, and that strength is a choice. He believes that you are the master of your fate, that you are the captain of your soul, and that you should get up strong and be unconquerable.

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Scott McGee: Strength is a Choice Part 1
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Marcus Aurelius Anderson

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