Rob Jones Journey: Put on Your Legs and Go

March 8, 2023

Selfless purpose drives you to do things you never thought possible. This week US Marine Veteran Rob Jones explores how his life-altering experience of a double amputation created a clarity of purpose that his desire to seize opportunities every day. Listen in as Rob and I discuss how to push yourself, even when you’re unsure of the outcome, why you can’t move on from something until you accept it, and how there are times when the pursuit of a goal dominates everything. Rob also shares how his wife and family support him behind the scenes of his projects, allowing him to focus on new initiatives and relentlessly pursue what’s next.

Rob Jones was assigned to the United States Marine Corps Bravo Company, 4th Combat Engineer Battalion at Roanoke as a Combat Engineer. In 2008, Rob was deployed to Iraq with the role of finding buried caches of weapons. His second deployment was to Afghanistan in 2010, where he was tasked with the job of finding IEDs. It was in this role that on July 22nd, Rob Jones stepped on an IED, which resulted in a double amputation above the knees.

Five days later, he arrived at the Naval Medical Center. The Marines supplied a brotherhood and the mission that gave him the courage and selflessness that he has for the rest of his life. This is just the beginning.

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Rob Jones Journey: Put on Your Legs and Go
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