Rick Alexander: Ambitious Heroes and Heartache Part 1

November 25, 2020

Personal discovery is about finding commonalities that create a resounding truth. This week on Acta Non Verba Rick Alexander shares how his studies of religions and philosophy led him to find connections in the way we group and divide things in life, as well as the need to see a flow in order to understand those connections better. In this episode Rick and I discuss consumerism as a belief system, how marketing has seeped into our philosophical thought process, and how to experience emotions without reacting to them.

Rick Alexander is an author, speaker, and the CGO (Chief Growth Operator) for The Special Forces Experience. He crafts content and experiences to help lead people through Adversity and into a life of meaning and fulfillment.

Connect with Rick via his website: https://rickalexander.com/

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Rick Alexander: Ambitious Heroes and Heartache Part 1
Episode Number: 19

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Marcus Aurelius Anderson

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