Michael Ostrolenk on Peak Performance, Leading by Example, and How He Leverages Adversity to Help Others

June 14, 2023

In this podcast episode, Michael Ostrolenk, an expert in transformational leadership and optimal health discusses his views on achieving peak performance, including his participation in the SEALFIT event. Listen in as we explore the Resilience Challenges that Michael and JC Glick have been doing, which involve physical and psychological exercises. The conversation highlights the importance of resilience and the role it plays in our lives, as well as the importance of relationships, recovery, and rituals in optimizing one’s health and performance. Michael also shares the potential benefits and risks of various approaches to personal growth and development, including the use of psychedelics.

Michael Ostrolenk is a Master Coach and Head Instructor with SEALFIT Unbeatable Mind Academy. He worked closely with CDR Mark Divine (Ret- U.S Navy SEAL) in creating the Unbeatable Mind Online Accelerated Learning program in 2010. He also co-created and ran Unbeatable Mind’s Master Mind group called the Inner Circle (2015-2019.) He also worked with Sean Hargans Ph.D. in 2018 in co-creating the Unbeatable Mind Coach in Training Program which included program development, teaching and supervisory roles. He presently serves as faculty for the program. He also helped to organize and coordinate SEALFIT’s annual training and learning summits 2015-2019.

Michael is also a Master Coach for Spartan 7 Round Table Phalanx Executive Experiential and Leadership Course under former U.S. Navy SEAL’s Dan Cerrillo and Chriss Smith.

Michael is the Director of Human Resilience at Apeiron Zoh where he works with medical and psychological staff in creating online and in-person programs seeking to transcend the limits of human performance and health.

Connect with Michael: https://www.michaeldostrolenk.com/

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Michael Ostrolenk on Peak Performance, Leading by Example, and How He Leverages Adversity to Help Others
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