Luka Hocevar: The Gym Growth Warrior Part 2

February 16, 2022

Luka Hocevar returns to discuss how he helps his audience and clients create and embody the identity they desire. Luka and I dive into how thoughts create actions and how those actions create your identity. We also explore the motivations behind our actions, how social environments impact our decisions and the difference between complicated and complex matters.

Luka Hocevar is a former professional athlete that’s now an elite trainer who has personally coached over 3000 clients from the NBA, NFL, UFC, MLB, college and high school level. He’s helped rehab patients with different types of injuries and clients from every walk of life that are wanting to achieve the reality of feeling and performing better.

Within six months, his Yo Grow Your Gym mastermind has helped thousands of gym owners add $10,000 to their monthly revenue with a money back guarantee.

He was even able to maintain that during the pandemic, when so many people were closing their doors. Luka has been able to help people not only keep their doors open, but thrive in the process.

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Luka Hocevar: The Gym Growth Warrior Part 2
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