Lance Essihos: Mastering Adversity

October 12, 2022

On today’s episode Lance Essihos shares how his traumatic and tumultuous beginnings inspired him to share the lessons and stories of Adversity to inspire others to see Adversity as a gift. Listen in as Lance and I dive into the true adversity of overcoming yourself, how to see the lessons of challenges in the moment, and why daily actions are the key to growth.

Lance shares why he doesn’t call himself a guru or expert, and how he continues to face challenges with alcoholism, addiction with transparency and vulnerability. We also explore why people put themselves in the same situation again and again, as well as the difference between familiarity and preference.

After losing his chance of becoming a professional hockey player, Lance Essihos found himself in the midst of an identity crisis. Directionless and bereft of his dream, Lance spent many years searching for his purpose in the world, drawn to the night-life industry fulfilling his craving for adventure and the hedonism that comes with a bad-boy lifestyle. Death and despair shortly followed and it was time to pour this pain into something more purposeful.

After decades of heartbreak, loss of loved ones, and numerous business failures, Lance was able to uncover the behavioral patterns that arise in hard times. These experiences led to Lance’s life’s mission of helping the world alchemize their rock bottom into personal power. Through his own personal development journey working with countless healers, experts, and leaders in the field of ADVERSITY and personal struggle, Lance has discovered the greatest tool to get you to the other side of your darkest moments: Becoming the Warrior.

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Lance Essihos: Mastering Adversity
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