Jon Macaskill: Mindfulness, Stoicism, and Grit

November 29, 2022

You’re in control of less than you think. It’s how we utilize the control we do have that truly matters. On today’s episode, Jon Macaskill shares how uses his experience in military leadership to teach organizations how to apply mindfulness strategies to optimize performance. Listen in as Jon and I discuss how Jon honed his mindfulness practice while looking for a way to improve his performance, starting with a simple breathing exercise that led to new levels of control over his mind and body. Jon explores the difference between mindfulness and stoicism, what happens when we remove expectations and stay present in the moment, and why we instinctively look for negativity as a survival instinct.

Jon Macaskill is a retired Navy SEAL Commander turned leadership and mindfulness coach.

During his 24-year Navy career, he served in multiple highly dynamic leadership positions from the battlefield to the operations center and the board room. His style of teaching leadership is unconventional yet highly effective.

He is passionate about helping people and organizations become the best versions of themselves through mindfulness coaching, keynote speaking, and grit and resilience training.

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Jon Macaskill: Mindfulness, Stoicism, and Grit
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