Gavin Meenan: The Modern Day Warrior

September 21, 2022

On today’s episode Gavin Meenan shares how a devastating car accident changed the trajectory of his life and taught him the meaning of self-acceptance. Listen in as Gavin and I discuss why he’s on a mission to help men drop distractions and face Adversity in order to work through the pain, trauma, and issues that are preventing them from living a healthy, balanced life. Gavin shares why men are likely to suppress their true selves, common distractions that keep men stuck, and how becoming a parent helped Gavin to practice forgiveness and compassion toward himself and others.

Gavin Meenan is a leading voice in the Irish Health and Fitness Community. A former European power lifting champion, he has personally helped hundreds of people achieve life changing results, having impacted over 100,000 people with his unique message.

Gavin is now expanding his platform into the men’s coaching space with the goal of helping men everywhere build stronger minds, bodies, and lives. This has been his main inspiration for writing and publishing his two bestselling books: Stronger Minds, Stronger Body, Stronger Life and the Art of Self-Acceptance.

Gavin is also the host of The Modern Warrior podcast.You can learn more about Gavin here:

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Gavin Meenan: The Modern Day Warrior
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