Dr. Theresa Larson: A Warrior’s Strength

July 13, 2022

On today’s episode Dr. Theresa Larson shares the mental and character traits that support the work of embracing Adversity in everyday life. Listen in as Theresa and I explore the importance of keeping your life in perspective, dealing with family loss, and understanding the difference between reacting and responding. She also discusses the impact of having people around you who are putting in the work and why attention doesn’t create happiness.

Dr. Theresa Larson is a leader, wife, mother of two young men, Marine Corps engineer, Veteran, author of Warrior and founder of Movement RX, a company that gives people the tools to live a lifetime of emotional and physical freedom no matter your ability, skin color, gender identity, religion or nationality. Her experiences and expertise led to her becoming a thought leader in the mindful movement in addition to treating and teaching the elements of mindfulness to thousands of people all over the world.

You can learn more about Dr. Larson here: https://www.drtheresalarson.com/

Register for her upcoming mindfulness retreat September 16-19 here: https://mentalkingmindfulness.com/retreat

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Dr. Theresa Larson: A Warrior’s Strength
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