Donald Robertson – Verissimus: The Stoic Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius

May 18, 2022

On this episode, Donald Robertson shares how he’s sharing the values of stoicism in a new and riveting way. Listen in as Donald and I discuss the process of creating his forthcoming graphic novel Verissimus: The Stoic Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius as well the prevalence of stoicism in today’s culture including religion and society.

Donald Robertson is a writer, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist and trainer.

Donald specializes in teaching evidence-based psychological skills, and is known as an expert on the relationship between modern psychotherapy (CBT) and classical Greek and Roman philosophy. He was born in Irvine, Scotland, and grew up in Ayr.  He worked as a psychotherapist for about twenty years in London, England, where he ran a training school for therapists, before emigrating to Canada in 2013 to focus on his writing and training courses. He now divides his time between Greece and Canada.

He is an experienced public speaker.  His therapy practice specialized for many years in helping clients with social anxiety and self-confidence issues. His work, and that of his colleagues, has often featured in the media of different countries, including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, the BBC, etc.

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Donald Robertson – Verissimus: The Stoic Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius
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