Derek Wellington Johnson: The Wisdom of Leaders

April 19, 2023

In this episode, Derek Wellington Johnson, shares his insights on why leadership is critical for startups, and how leaders can have the self-awareness to step up and fill a void. He talks about the problem with waiting for permission and emphasizes the importance of doing the inner work first and creating a foundation for self-leadership.

Derek shares how his military experience prepared him for leadership and the importance of controlling your mind. He also discusses General Patton’s leadership lessons and how leaders can inspire and empower their team for greater results.

Derek also talks about the difference between command and control and why authentic leadership is bullshit. He shares how leaders can lead by example during challenges and navigate competition and uncertain worlds.

We also explore the question of whether leaders are born or made and how to keep your mind from giving up on you. Derek emphasizes that it’s not about being the first but being the last.

Derek Wellington Johnson is a military veteran, startup veteran, and life-long student of human nature and history. He has worked with motivational speaker Brian Tracy and led sales teams for established companies and startups. His latest book is called The Wisdom of Leaders: History’s Most Powerful Leadership Quotes, Ideas, and Advice. You can find him on Instagram and TikTok.

Get Derek’s book here: The Wisdom of Leaders

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Derek Wellington Johnson: The Wisdom of Leaders
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