Chris Cavallini: The Truth About Nutrition, Mindset, and Dominating in 2023

December 27, 2022

How can you create a recipe for happiness? According to Chris Cavallini, it begins with moving forward. This week Chris is sharing how his past filled with legal issues, drugs, and trauma inspired him to help others improve their happiness through health and fitness. Listen in as Chris and I explore why he’s committed to helping others improve, even by one percent. He’ll also explain how he looks for blind spots in business and in life, what military life taught him about habits and consistency, and why he’s on a mission to simplify nutrition for all. Chris also shares how what we put in our bodies impacts all area of our lives, how to have the fortitude to create change, and the real impact of vegetarian and vegan diets on our health.

Chris Cavallini is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, United States Navy Veteran, speaker, and social media influencer. He is a multi-time Forbes featured personality and the CEO and founder of Nutrition Solutions, a national lifestyle brand and meal preparation company reporting over 8 figures of annual revenue. His company has high profile clientele such as New England Patriots Tight End, Rob Gronkowski, former UFC Heavyweight champion, Stipe Miocic and a huge list of WWE superstars, such as Triple H, Roman Reigns and The Undertaker.

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Chris Cavallini: The Truth About Nutrition, Mindset, and Dominating in 2023
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