Bobby Umar on Leadership, Legacy, the power of storytelling, and TEDx Talks

January 3, 2024

This week on Acta Non Verba, Bobby Umar discusses the importance of having a target audience when telling your story. He shares how his personal values, family, and legacy shape his actions and decisions. Listen in as Bobby and I also explore balancing work and personal life, especially in relation to parenting. We share our experiences with social media and its role in building influence and creating opportunities, as well as topics like racism, leadership, public speaking, and personal struggles with weight and binge eating disorders. Marcus concludes by emphasizing the importance of having a plan, a support network, and leveraging assets like books, TED talks, and social media to build thought leadership.

Bobby Umar, a renowned 5x TEDx speaker and Inc Magazine Top 100 Leadership Speaker (2015, 2018), shares his wisdom alongside icons like Richard Branson and Brene Brown. As an international bestselling author of three books, including “How to Network Anytime, Anywhere, with Anyone,” Bobby is a recognized influencer, named a “2015 Speaker to Watch,” a top 75 LinkedIn Influencer, and ranks high in various leadership and coaching categories. His excellence extends to academia, with stellar professor ratings and prestigious CEO Monthly accolades, cementing him as a distinguished figure in leadership development.

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Bobby Umar on Leadership, Legacy, the power of storytelling, and TEDx Talks
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