Beau Simmons: Capturing “The 20 Year War”

August 4, 2021

Beau Simmons joins me to discuss his journey from corporate photography to helping veterans share their stories on film. Listen in as Beau and I discuss his process of capturing moments on film, why he was inspired to create “The 20 Year War” photo book and how photography showcases the diversity that can inspire us every day. We also explore how you can identify what inspires you and how to trust your intuition of where you want to go.

Beau Simmons started his love for photography with a digital camera at the age of sixteen but has switched over to exclusively medium format film over the past ten years, documenting scenes predominantly across North America. Each body of work takes careful planning and dedication to capture a certain mood or vision he has set out to illustrate. By connecting us all to either a time or place we once remember or inspiring us to see the beauty in every setting and the various cultural lifestyles that still thrive in our ever so changing communities.

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Beau Simmons: Capturing “The 20 Year War”
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