Bahar Alexander: The Alexander Method and Art of Peak Performance Coaching

May 17, 2023

In this episode, we dive deep into the fascinating world of psychology and its profound impact on our lives. Join us as we explore various topics with Bahar Alexander, a renowned expert in personal transformation and leadership development. Bahar shares her insights on shifting our mindset, self-leadership, achieving self-mastery, and the importance of understanding different psychological dynamics. Get ready to elevate your human experience and unlock your true potential.

Bahar Alexander is not your average Performance coach. With an intense curiosity for human nature and a passion for helping individuals and organizations reach their highest potential, she combines her vast background in Performance Psychology, Cognitive Behavioral Psychology, Epigenetics, Neuropsychology, Functional and Holistic Medicine, Mindfulness, NLP, Sports, and Nutrition to set into motion personal and organizational shifts conducive to Peak-Performance, Life satisfaction, Vitality, and Extraordinary Success.

Bahar has a deep passion for educating and empowering individuals on how to reprogram their Self-image, which impacts every experience, to create their lives and relationships by design rather than default. For this reason, her clients refer to her as the transformation guru.

You can learn more about the Alexander Method here:

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Bahar Alexander: The Alexander Method and Art of Peak Performance Coaching
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